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    Hello and welcome to the Funding Trek forums! I’m Don Baker, Chief Funding Guide, and I’m happy that you have decided to become a part of our community.

    What is the Funding Trek Forum?

    To recap what you may have learned through navigating the site, Funding Trek is my educational project. The goal is to teach you all how to create a custom plan to fund your business projects. I’ve found that most of the information out there is a bit too broad and passes over the advantages that one can obtain with a custom funding plan.

    I’ll be posting a variety of articles and other content on FundingTrek.com as the year progresses. This forum is a place for me and Trekkers to hang out and talk about the site content or anything related to funding.

    Right now there are three forum divisions. The first is for anything related to site content. Right now there are already threads there for the first edition of my funding guidance paper, as well as threads for the articles that are up.

    The second forum is for content that is related to the funding task at hand, but comes from off site locations. Most everything is fair game there, as long as it deals with business.

    The third forum I’ve made as a catch-all for anything “off-topic”; it may be that we have some rabid Detroit Lions fans or a bunch of woodworkers or something like that who have a burning discussion that needs to be extracted to its own thread / forum, which is totally fine. I’ll be moving things around just for the sake of clarity and readability.

    Posting Rules

    Please don’t post anything that wouldn’t be appropriate in the workplace. I want this place to be accessible to people in all working environments.

    Since this is a business forum, and the goal of the site is to give you advice on your up and coming business ventures, it is inevitable that business names, URLs, and details get posted. “Don’t turn this place into your personal advertisement or billboard” is the common sense rule I am looking for here.

    Don’t attack or flame other posters. If you disagree with the content of someone’s post and feel the need to express this disagreement via writing, please do so respectfully. I’ve seen too many internet arguments devolve into namecalling over silly disagreements, or just because one or more people were using the shield of anonymity to fire insults. Zero tolerance policy for anything but respect in this house.

    Thanks everyone again for joining! Now go forth and post at will – but post well!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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